LOVE INC empowers local communities to work together for the common good.


We empower people and projects locally to create community and connection by encouraging multicultural and multigenerational initiatives via fiscal sponsorship and other support.


We want to take people and/or organizations that have a project or even a really good idea to the next level and help them implement these into the community. This empowers and assists the person, organization and the community all at the same time.

When we originally incorporated, our focus was on providing caring support to seniors. While that is still a central priority of our work, we have added other components to our organization that have broadened our mission and increased both our efficacy and our impact.

We have served as fiscal sponsors for two amazing grassroots organizations here in Charleston, SC.

Compost Rangers seeks to engage members of the community and inspire them to rethink what they throw out. The goal is to redirect organic waste from landfills and generate nutrient-rich soil that keeps local gardens thriving. Our service to the community transcends debris collection, as we also focus heavily on education and outreach by bringing people together and inviting them to join the compost conversation.

CharlestonGOOD is a local grassroots media network, resource center, and service provider that celebrates & supports local efforts which address social, economic and environmental problems impacting our community. Since hosting the #goodsharing conference in 2015 which launched a local movement of collaborative problem-solving and resource-sharing, they been actively collaborating on unique events that are educating the public, and connecting people in meaningful ways.

Working together, we are already making a big difference in the Lowcountry.

We hope you will join us in our collaborative efforts to improve our community, better take care of one another, and enhance our beautiful environment.

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